Raustr frá Eittland

About Raustr frá Eittland

Raustr frá Eittland means Voices from Eittland. This is a reference to the owner of this WriteFreely instance, P’undrak. Eittland is his main wordbuilding project, which you can read about here.

WriteFreely is an interconnected place for you to write and publish, powered by WriteFreely and ActivityPub. This means you can interact with any blogs on this instance on the Fediverse! All blogs are available under @<name-of-the-blog>@write.phundrak.com; for instance, https://write.phundrak.com/phundraks-short-stories/ translates to @[email protected].

Raustr frá Eittland is home to 13 articles across 3 blogs.